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(Republic of the Philippines)

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Technol Eight Philippines Corporation 127 East Main Avenue, Laguna Technopark, Binan, Laguna
+63(49) 541-2901, +63(2) 845-4583 Fax: +63(49) 541-2901, +63(2) 845-4583
Products: stamping, welding and painting, assembly of motor vehicle parts, dies and molds

Titan Rubber Industrial Mfg. Raminel Rd. Bo. Viente Reales, Valenzuela City  +63(2) 244 7870/73 Fax: +63(2) 244-7882
Products: door weatherstrips, windscreen weatherstrips, trunk lid weatherstrips, automotive hoses for radiator, heater fuel,
water and oil, engine mounts, strut mount, moulded products, rubber extrusion profile, sponge and solid, pvc extrusions profile,
side mouldings, welt-body sides, car mats, glass run channels (flocking and urethane coating), plastic clips

Torres Technology Center Corp Torres Technology Center Bgy. Makiling, Calamba, Laguna
+63(49) 545-1530, +63(49) 545-1638 Fax:  +63(49) 502 5178
Products: crimpers, anvils, blade cutters, shear pins, plastic (PVC) fixtures, metal hangers, racks, conveyor fabrication

Toyota Autoparts Phils., Inc. Toyota Sta Cruz (Laguna) Complex, SEPZ. Brgy. Pulong, Sta. Cruz, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna
+63(49) 541-2888 Fax: +63(49) 541-2778 Products: GTM, CVJ

Toyota Boshoku Phils., Corp 111 Commerce Road, Phase 2, Industrial Zone, Laguna Technopark, Binan, Laguna
+63(49) 541-1323 Fax: +63(49) 541-1338, +63(49) 541-1339
Products: Seat Assembly, Door Trim Assembly, Polyurethane Foam

Tri-R Allied Km. 70 Sta.Rosa Tagaytay Road, Brgy. Puting Kahoy Silang Cavite
+63(2) 807-1035 +63(49) 541-3133 to 35 Fax: +63(2) 807- 1388 +63(49) 541-3134
Products: Trin assembly, sub-engine parts & components

TRP Corp Toyota Sta. Rosa Industrial Complex, Brgy. Pulong, Sta. Cruz, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
+63(49) 541-3016-18 Fax: +63(49) 541-3019 Products: lever combination switches, small switches, window regulator switch

TS Tech Trim Phils. #102 Technology Ave., Laguna Technopark, Special Processing Zone, Biņan, Laguna 4024
+63(2) 843-5976,  +63(49) 541-2839-41 Fax: +63(49) 541-2838
Products: car seats and doors, Seat trimcovers, Other interior car parts such as steering wheel, visor, etc., Seat tromcover cutparts,
Capability to do Headlining and other exterior parts

Uratex Philippines, Inc. Villa Paz Subdivision, Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna
+63(2) 808-5501, +63(2) 808-5511 Fax: +63(2) 808-5697, +63(2) 868-0630 Products: moulded polyurethane foam products, seat assembly

Valerie Products #11 E.O. Bldg. Cor. United & 2nd St., Kapitolyo, Pasig City
+63(2) 631-7831 to 36 (Office), +63(2) 520-8815, +63(46) 889-0418, +63(46) 889-0419 (Factory)
Fax: +63(2) 631-8834 (Office), +63(2) 520-8815, +63(46) 889-0418, +63(46) 889-0419 (Factory)
Products: Fuel tank/stamping

Visteon Philippines, Inc. No. 3 America Road, Greenfield Automotive Park, SEZ, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
+63(49) 541-3350, +63(49) 541-3355 Fax: +63(49) 541-3355
Products: Throttle body assy, Fuel charging assy, Fuel delivery module, Lifetime filter, Air induction system, Cockpit assy

Works Bell Phils., Inc. Bldg. A-3 Granville Industrial Complex, Bancal, Carmona, Cavite
+63(46) 972-0127, +63(46) 972-0533 Fax: +63(46) 430-1793
Products: aluminum steering, wheel hub adapter, jig tools fabrication, dies, jigs & other fixtures making, aluminum die casting,
cnc/machining, metal stamping parts

Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing, Inc. Bgy. Makiling, Calamba, Laguna
+63(49) 502-1530 Fax: +63(49) 502-6942, +63(49) 502-6952, +63(49) 502-1530
Products: wiring harness, pvc electrical insulation tapes, battery cable, ignition cord sets

YTM Components, Inc Bgy. Makiling, Calamba, Laguna. +63(49) 545-1530 Fax: +63(49) 545-6942, +63(49) 545-6952
Products: low tension wires for wiring harness

Yutaka Manufacturing Phils., Inc. 110 North Science Ave., Laguna Technopark, Binan. Laguna
+63(2) 845-2891 Fax: +63(2) 845-2892
Products: converter assy, exhaust manifold comp, exhaust manifold cover, ATV B/C pedal, muffler, catalytic converter

YY Industrial Products Corp. 109 West Service Rd., Paso De Blas, Valenzuela City
+63(2) 443-8828, +63(2) 277-7295, +63(2) 277-7209 Fax: +63(2)443-8827 Products: step board, window frame

Zechnar Enterprises 59 Unit F, Don Mariano Marcos Ave., East Fairview, Quezon City +63(2) 936-1929 Fax: +63(2) 431-1783
Products: araldite adhesives, renshape tooling products, moulds, patters & checking jigs for autoparts

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